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We provide cutting edge business consultancy to empower organizational and personal brands in competitive environments. 

Our business model

Beyond Consulting: A Partner in Transformation

We develop ideas and project plans that lead to provision of relevant services or goods that enhance the quality of life of rural and semi-urban communities through partnerships and collaborations with different stakeholders. Our projects focus on three key areas that fulfill our mission: training, research, and business development

Our ”Platform business model” develops networking platforms, collaborative partnerships, and operational documents like manuals and training curricula that provide avenues for building internal capacity for organizations and promoting external relationships to strengthen their projects and programs. The interconnection between these players in promoting community development is a critical component of our projects. 

Our services are offered on the basis of our key focus areas. Our clients therefore have a choice to hire an embedded “business development executive (BDE)” to work closely with management to realize specified goals under specific conditions in a predetermined duration of time. Our BDE is available to travel to the client location and be established until the given work is completed. Alternatively, an organization can benefit from our research capacities by hiring us to establish whether specific conditions suitable for their desired activities exist within a given geographical environment. Finally, we have professional trainers with the capacity to train on various topics that may be of great value to our clients. Find out more about our services by clicking the button below.

Find out about our process below.

The 6-D process



We discover ideas, clients, and promising businesses within a pool of diverse creative collaborators



We define the needs of each environment by establishing the needs of the particular business eco-system we are working in



We design solutions based on the platform business model



We develop critical solutions based on the blue-oceans strategy for our clients and partners



We deploy smart solutions and results-based approaches that enhance the value of our work



We deliver outputs that enhance the outcomes that build legacies for our clients

Meet our team

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the best solutions.

Simeon Ogonda

Consultant - Strategic planning, asset management, risk analysis, community development, international development and education consultant.

Valeria Ojera

Consultant - HR, Strategic planning, business administration and staff organization.

Brian Ongoro

Consultant - Media and documentary, videography and graphic analysis.

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