Brian Ongoro

Brian Ongoro is a Media Consultant at Millennial Legacy, a consultancy firm based in Kisumu and working on business development through the platform business model. 

He is an experienced journalist with over 3 years experience in photography, storytelling, videography, and photo and video-editing. Brian is a proven leader in his field and provides the most comprehensive approach to the development of digital storytelling and writing techniques that offer diverse audiences with the opportunity to appreciate and expand their own worldview. His best moments are spent within the context of collaborative engagements and community mapping through his skills.

A documentary photographer by profession, his professional capacity enhances his ability to provide Millennial Legacy clients with better appreciation of their work.

 Brian has also worked as a reporter for Kenya News Agency before becoming a freelance photojournalist covering East Africa. He strings for international media house Agence France-Presse (AFP) and carries out assignments for different non-governmental organizations. His work has been published by among others, Al Jazeera, BBC, Daily Nation, Washington Post, and El Pais.

Brian makes significant contributions to the development of society through his work in various causes such as YALI Network Kisumu, Peace Ambassadors Kenya, Kisumu Young Leaders Forum among others. He uses his talents, strengths, skills, and experience to provide the world and its people with the best views and expressions of themselves.

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